#Showbiz: Edry’s special needs son Emery making good progress

By Dennis Chua

KUALA LUMPUR: Edry Abdul Halim, 47, the youngest of the KRU brothers, will visit Malaysia more often now that his special needs son Emery, 16, is showing good progress in school.

“When I decided to relocate my family to Manchester, the United Kingdom, in 2017, I thought I would visit my parents and brothers in Kuala Lumpur once every two years,” said Edry at the launch of his band MOJO’s reunion single ‘Superstar’ at KRU Music’s office in Cyberjaya today.

“Emery has adapted well to life in the UK and has shown great progress at the school for special needs children I enrolled him in.

“He gets along great with his new friends and teachers and that has given me lots of hope.”

Edry runs KRU Entertainment United Kingdom Ltd, which promotes music, films and dramas by KRU in the UK. It also promotes concert tours by Asian artistes in the UK.

“KRU UK will also help arrange musical collaborations between Malaysian and European artistes, especially UK artistes,” said Edry, who communicates with his brothers, Datuk Norman and Datuk Yusry, and his parents regularly through FaceTime, Skype and social media.

“Now that Emery is more independent and mature, I’ll be spending more time with KRU artistes in Malaysia, especially my band MOJO, which plans to have a reunion concert at the year end.”

Whenever Edry is in Kuala Lumpur, he never fails to give Emery a call every two days, whether through Facebook, FaceTime or Skype.

“When we first went to the UK, my son would never allow me to come back to KL. But I’m glad he has slowly learnt to let go.”

Emery is the third child of Edry and his wife of 24 years, Milia Mohammed. Emery has an elder brother, Emil, an elder sister, Edylia, and a younger sister, Elya.

MOJO was formed in 2012 and comprises keyboardist Edry, singer Aweera, guitarist Denny and drummer Johan.