As a musical experiment, the year 2000 saw the emergence of KRU as virtual artistes in a group called Tyco (meaning “big brother” in Cantonese) with members Tylo (Norman), Yiko (Yusry) and Psylo (Edry). Even though Tyco’s introduction to the Malaysian music industry was considered ahead of its time (before the birth of the social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram), this alter ego of KRU was successful to garner the attention of music fans with hit songs such as “With U” and “Bidadari”. Tyco was also awarded “Malaysia’s First Virtual Artiste” by the Malaysian Book of Records.

In 2008, Tyco re-appeared as a solo artiste (Tylo) through Cicakman 2’s theme song “Planet Hitam” making Tyco become the only virtual Hip Hop artiste in Malaysia or  perhaps in the world. Once again, Tyco re-emerged in 2020 through the collaboration with Dato’ Ustaz Kazim Elias (DUKE) and Tuju from K-Clique in a song entitled “Salawat 1442” released by Imaan Music.  

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